December 6, 2018 | Melissa Killion
Here is the deal, this year is flying by and if you are thinking about listing your home in 2019 the thought of getting it ready for sale is VERY daunting especially around the holidays!! So here is a little tip from me to help kill two birds with one stone!

Spring, summer, and even early fall we are consumed with activities, sports, camp, the lake, vacations, weddings, BBQ's,  fall harvest, apple picking and the list goes on. Weekends are completely spent, downtime is minimal! But as the weather changes, the days grow shorter, and the frigid temps set in I start plotting the annual cleanse.  

In late fall I begin the pain staking tasks of getting rid of toys, clutter, things we haven't used in forever, clothes, coats and knickknacks in order to make room for all the new crap coming in! The weather is cold and there is less to do so I spend down time preparing for the New Year! I am also cleaning like a crazy person - even the stuff that I hate doing or the stuff that goes to the wayside because well frankly I am too tired or don't care enough during the year. For example the dreaded  baseboards or the windows, the fans, or that spider web that has been in the top corner of the ceiling for like 3 months! The preparation for out of town guests, holiday gatherings and of course Santa pushes me into high gear!

Well guess what - these are many of the things that I will highly recommend you do to prep your home for sale in 2019! So take this time to do that extra step, the ladder is out for decorations, just pop yourself under that fan and get it dusted,  get that magic eraser around those baseboard, declutter shelves, eliminate unused items, and of course try to have fun..... I personally prefer a nice Zin when scrubbing the grout on the bathroom floor!!!

PS This is one of my favs and sells it for a steal at $12.45 ;-)

Seghesio Sonoma Zinfandel 2016



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